Parting with traditional society, modernity represents the triumph of power-knowledge, the divorce between spheres of culture, the global social relations, the, mental health and illness. ASCD respects intellectual property rights and adheres to the laws governing them. Students can share information about particular cultural values and beliefs by telling stories, explaining rites of passage, and describing ceremonies associated with celebrations. Accordingly, these results allow for the accurate comparison between current habitual methods and actions of conflict resolution and the appropriate use of the five modes, Reflection on Self as a Cultural Being Essay, I have always been more of an unpopular bookworm. Use this table as a guide to learn about the Latino families in your school community. Books can be an important source of information about Latino culture, history, and peoples. Each person's speech production will also vary in speed, intonation, inflection (phonology), and other marked characteristics. Reflective practice is a means of actively observing, analysing and evaluating our teaching practices for subsequent action Regarding ethics values, when conflicting opinions happen, one must aware that because every culture has its own moral standards which mostly based on religious precepts, something might be right in this culture but wrong in other cultures. All of these suggestions for exploring the community are intended to offer ideas and artifacts that can make lessons more informative, relevant, and meaningful to students. That literature is a reflection of the society is a fact that has been widely acknowledged. It’s that magical moment to start afresh, pursue new dreams, and, this year more than ever, leave behind the past 12 months. Different societies have different cultures; however it is important not to confuse the idea of culture with society. Moreover, I dress to satisfy my emotions and to remain fashionable. Even as I sat there, I was thinking about the way that the culture of music in Western society has changed. This adversely affects not only the social life of people but also their relationship with one another. Solution Essay: The … When for reasons of their own it’s better to violate a cultural expectation than not, the sense of victimization (or laud, for a hero) can be disturbing and will be difficult to reconcile with that person’s individual moral calculus. It is our contention that the gospel is always available along with a particular cultural embodiment alone. Check local events calendars to find out information. A person’s values, beliefs, and behaviors about health and well-being are created by different, Self-Reflection in a Hard-Boiled Wonderland Similarly, we ask you, our readers, to examine the experiences that contribute to your own worldview, which includes assumptions and perceptions about Latinos and their culture. All these critical skills were then hypothetically interpreted into the context of my future clinical nursing practices in order to emphasize the importance of these skills. Pop culture always starts trends, ends trends and is the center of what’s cool or not. Chapter 7 has more information on making connections with the community and forging partnerships. This is an important first step toward gaining the understanding you need to reach out to Latino parents and encourage their participation in their children's education. Another approach might entail establishing casual and ongoing dialogues with upper-grade students during recess, in the hallways, or during club meetings. This tool allows you to locate cultural centers, museums, public libraries, churches, private schools, factories, and other entities within the community. Even as I sat there, I was thinking about the way that the culture of music in Western society has changed. Businesses within the community can be potential sites for field trips. A new year is here! No part of this publication—including the drawings, graphs, illustrations, or chapters, except for brief quotations in Also, Spanish is considered a "transparent" language because it has a close letter-to-sound correspondence, which is not the case with English. In fact, they act as a mirror, and sometimes we don’t like what we see. Diversity exists within any cultural group. Authentic literature about Latinos avoids stereotypical themes and characters and generic plots and settings. Moreover, culture-based education gives people daily opportunities to be aware of their culture and empower them to value their traditional life. In its corrective function, literature mirrors the ills of the society with a view to making the society realize its mistakes and make amends. Such a cyclical relationship can be difficult to understand, but many of the examples throughout this chapter and examples from our own lives help illustrate this point. Find out whether the Latino children share a home with their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other caretakers. When you take an authentic look at yourself, you begin to understand issues of diversity and become amenable to other points of view. (Ricard 35). This process requires significant effort for the individual and requires deep critical reflection into personal belief systems, inflicted views from childhood, and questioning knowledge. Choose teaching strategies that complement the styles and preferences for learning that individual students make apparent. Society and culture influence the words that we speak, and the words that we speak influence society and culture. How do the three different types of reflection (reflection in-action, Cascarones are colorfully decorated eggshells filled with confetti. When we are brought into this world, there are people, situations, and environments that lead to the development of who we become, and what we stand for as people. Around the beginning of the twentieth century, chaos and noise came to replace melody and beauty. True national culture is inextricably linked to the people’s needs, ideas, emotions, and practices. As I seek to maintain my dignity, … Pop Culture and Society have always had an interesting relationship with each other. Validate all students' heritage. All rights reserved. 1703 North Beauregard St. Learning about diversity entails a movement from self-awareness to inquiry to action through advocacy for students who are marginalized by the educational system. As a result this can contribute to the abolition of racial and ethnic health disparities. In addition to this, self-reflection has the direct relation with the insight into our unconscious biases and helps us correct them. The tendency to present a positive self-image to others, with the goal of increasing our social status, is known as self-presentation, and it is a basic and natural part of everyday life. Alexandria, VA 22311-1714. As you read this book, consider the following questions to guide your journey in understanding Latino parents of English language learners: As you forge new pathways in your journey, we suggest that you keep these critical reflections in mind. If parents perceive you as an ally and advocate for their child, this perception could spark their interest in getting involved at school. The basic idea about self development is that, “The self is not present at birth, rather, it develops while growing through social experiences”. Around the beginning of the twentieth century, chaos and noise came to replace melody and beauty. That literature is a reflection of the society is a fact that has been widely acknowledged. Culture is the beliefs, values, behavior, ... Subculture refers to cultural patterns that set apart some segment of a society’s population. Imagine how thrilled your students will be when you rely on their expertise to answer the question that you pose: "Last night I watched the noticias on channel 41 and the newscaster used the word _____. Society can’t separate from their own culture. Then, have students explain all the nuances that made little sense to you. When we see all of our contacts’ status updates and photos on social media, we may feel like our life is boring and has nothing to offer. A focus group may be composed of your students' parents as well as parents of students in other grades. For this reason, cultural reflection in the process of the teaching/learning of classical languages can be considered as developing of thinking, deepening the experience, grounding the value system and understanding, giving a sense of the cultural heritage by the self-perception of the person. Ostensibly, this sense is directed outward from the subject to refer inward, back to its "self" (or itself). Some families may be unwilling to participate, especially if they are undocumented immigrants, have sought political asylum, or are war refugees. Project-based assignments that involve students in conducting research about their own heritage can become effective ways to show that you value cultural diversity within the school setting. All of these activities have the same goal: to learn more about your students and your school community. Because geographical/regional factors may influence language use or accessibility of resources within the community. Learn key vocabulary to facilitate casual communication with parents. The shift first occurred in classical music. Interpersonal disconnections cause a lot of pain and tension as people try to protect their feelings. We urge teachers of English language learners to develop self-knowledge by gaining awareness of their "social positioning"—that is, their own power and privilege in relation to others. Self Reflection on Decision Making. Intentional planning of multicultural content is an additive approach that includes everyone as a learner, and deep learning experiences enable students to explore how diversity sustains democratic principles. After surveying the students who had been to the pulga, Mrs. Ruiz created instructional connections in math by guiding students to create various graphs using the survey results. Question. Self-reflection These cultural expressions vary based on lived experiences related to such factors as geography, age, religion, and socioeconomic status. Visiting community church services offers the opportunity to learn about community creeds, values, and ideologies. Many Latinos speak two languages, Spanish and English, and this situation is more complex than one might imagine. A culture represents the beliefs and practices of a group, while society represents the people who share those beliefs and … It is mandatory for the participant performing the conflict self-assessment to be unreserved and have the ability to use self-reflection adequately. This paper provides a viewpoint of the culture and subcultures at Google Inc., which is a famous global company, and has a huge engineering staff and many talented leaders. Learn about the cultural activities and holidays that your students' families celebrate. How we see ourselves shapes our lives, and is shaped by our cultural context. The first recorded immigration figures are from 1820. Reflections on Culture. Cultural traditions are often imagined as perpetuated as stable ideals by uncreative actors. Reproducible A.1 in Appendix A provides helpful Spanish words to use when communicating with parents who do not understand a vocabulary word commonly associated with school. I just came across a good interview with Sherry Turkle that, when compared with her general techno-utopianism in Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet, is more representative of her increasingly measured approach to the societal effects of new technologies.Her recent assessments are more nuanced and rather satisfying. This type of interaction can lessen anxiety as parents begin to see you outside of school. Sports never interested me either, and being sensitive was never a valuable thing when viewed culturally. Because SES is a component of diversity that suggests levels of opportunities and choices in a child's social and academic life. For example, two Latina teachers who were team-teaching a student cohort experienced this phenomenon when one reported to the other that the students had not followed her directions when she asked them to put on their coats before going out. It’s to look into oneself for weakness, fears, strengths, biases, goals and motivation etc. Some ethnic-based festivities include Cinco de Mayo (May 5), Puerto Rico's Constitution Day (July 25), Cuba's birth as an independent republic (May 20), and Día de los Muertos (November 1 and 2). critical reviews or articles—may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, This will help you to become aware of your habitual ways of thinking and behaving in any given situation). Therefore, society cannot separate from its own culture simply because the culture makes it what it is. Grant’s writings about self-reflection and insight suggest that self-reflection and insight should have diverging relations with markers of emotional well-being. For example, when studying about indigenous civilizations, a 3rd grade teacher encouraged her students' families to share edible products that they—like the Aztecs and the Mayans—made from corn. Identify community outlets, sites, and institutions that your students' families frequent. Cultural Dualism- this theory maintains that the Philippines is a transitional society dominated on one side by the traditional culture and on the other side by the modern culture. Alexandria, VA 22311-1714, by David Campos, Rocio Delgado and Mary Esther Soto Huerta. For example, two Latina teachers who were team-teaching a student cohort experienced this phenomenon when one reported to the other that the students had not followed her directions when she asked them to put on t… Exploring the Latino culture should begin with an introspective approach. REFLECTIONS 55 the integral relation between religion and culture which enriches both these, is the experience of India. Keywords: transformative learning theory, reflection, self-reflection, symbols, and all his studium , while present also the eyes of the land, looking at me. Self-reflection is the means by which your moral compass can be formed and refined so that you are able to act true to it in all that you do. in order to discover which methods or strategies are successful in encouraging student learning, daily lives”, it is often ignored in the conversation of happiness because happiness and suffering are perceived to be polar opposite states of being. Begin instruction by integrating students' prior knowledge gained at home and at school. This video portrayed the way society acts towards a non-passable transgender, if someone looks like a man wearing a wig most of society doesn't take that well and at times reacts with violence as shown in the music video. Pop culture gives us these ideas through ‘hot or not’ lists or ‘what is in and out’ lists. Ms. Tejada, who is of Mexican descent, did not understand the instructions either and asked Mrs. Castro to explain what she intended to say. If it is feasible to proceed, however, children will engage and develop important academic skills as they conduct research and interview their parents, grandparents, and other community members. Over time, children learn the language, traditions, attitudes, behaviors, and institutions associated with their culture. Latino students can be a direct source of information that enriches your understanding of the Latino culture. 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Self reflection quotes will make you think further and improve your life. Find out how the Latino parents identify themselves (e.g., Latino, Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, Hispanic, and so on). After collecting the cascarones, children crack them over their loved ones' heads in a celebratory gesture. What are some of the benefits and challenges associated with your school's location? She noticed that when Mario and his dad were working on the family car, his father used one-word commands and wordless gestures. How different are you from your siblings? For example, to prepare students to write about one of their cultural celebrations, you could invite older students to discuss and answer questions about such events. What Is Self-Reflection and Why Is It Important? These films will increase your awareness of cultural distinctiveness. Through cultural self-reflection, schools can create an empathetic framework for understanding the world in which we are educating our students. A critical attribute of "authentic" children's literature is the inclusion of themes and characters that accurately represent the culture. Counter culture refers to cultural patterns that strongly oppose those widely accepted within a society. Society is group of people which longer life span of the individual,recruit new members at least biologically or culturally and the system of action must be self-sufficient. Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop: A Self Reflection I found the workshop on Problem Solving and Decision Making not just useful but also interesting. Upon reflection, ... is a small piece of evidence of the self-defeating and unwise courses of action prompted by short-term economic perspectives in reaction to the challenges of actually dealing with ameliorating climate change. Although we share a common heritage, we have different cultural backgrounds and practices that provide us with a unique perspective. Defining Culture And Self Reflection Paper Essay 2216 Words | 9 Pages. Also, consider watching Spanish-language movies with English subtitles. Genetically we rely on one another for the survival of humanity. Because some Latino families are composed of nuclear and extended family members who can play an important role in the child's schooling. Celebrations further highlight distinctiveness among Latino cultures. Students learned about Colombian arepas, Salvadoran pupusas, and Mexican gorditas and discussed similarities and differences among these dishes from Latin American countries and their ancient civilizations. In order to have a proper self-reflection, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration. 1703 North Beauregard St. MISSION: ASCD empowers educators to achieve excellence in learning, teaching, and leading so that every child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Also consider having lunch or dinner with a student's family at a local restaurant. For example, south-central Texas has two grocery chains that cater to Latinos—La Michoacana and Fiesta. Rodriguez (1998) suggests that it’s very important for all to have Cultural self awareness. On Easter Sunday, the fragile cascarones are hidden, and an egg hunt ensues. Self-reflection We are usually caught up in the day-to-day aspects of life, and we forget about the most important things that make us feel worthwhile. on-action As mentioned in the Introduction, we, the authors of this book, are Mexican Americans. The focus is on the self. Read historical references to learn about the sociocultural variations of Latino cultures. Persons who spring from a culture / society generally understand what to do, and why. 1. Drawing inferences from implicit information, Mario intuitively understood his father's intents. Music and the Culture of Self: A Reflection. Culture is how people manage their life. For educational purposes only. Phone A Reflection On Effects Of Society and Pop Culture Brief Introduction: My name is Keishawn Smith, and I enjoy basketball, playing guitar, listening to music, video games, and a big star wars fan (safe assumption to make when you look at the class I am in) I am from Chesapeake, Virginia which is a similar area to Farmville, just a bit more urban. Community celebrations, which are often held in city parks or other public facilities, can be integrated with social studies instruction. My personal beliefs and values forbid me from wearing clothes that will expose my masculinity. Find out the level of educational attainment of each parent. Obviously it is important to always proceed with empathy and sensitivity. For example, English has 44 phonemes (the smallest unit of sound in a language) represented by 26 letters, but Spanish phonemes vary between 22 and 24, depending on whether the language is spoken in the U.S. Southwest, Latin America, or Spain (Pérez & Torres-Guzmán, 2002). Media is the prime reflection of society and culture. For example, you could use a trip to the panadería (bakery) to provide background for teaching the children vocabulary (for example, words such as "oven," "ingredients"); reading about pastries from all over the world; teaching a math lesson about measurement, quantity, and time; and teaching a science lesson recording changes in size, mass, and color that result from baking at a certain temperature. The teachers decided to use this as a learning opportunity to enrich their students' Spanish vocabulary and to help them learn English. Cultural Relativism Culture plays a significant role in the determination of the proper engagement of an individual. It’s that magical moment to start afresh, pursue new dreams, and, this year more than ever, leave behind the past 12 months. Learn more about our permissions policy and submit your request online. The children used different words for "children" and "coats." A good way to understand the relationship between the two would be the reflection theory. Similarly, the immoral acts within a given culture when the societal norms do not conform to the actions. You can also learn about the community by shopping at local grocery stores. To recognize your own individual differences, consider, for example, the diversity within your family. Although she had been providing Mario with ample direct, explicit instruction to support his work in math, he was not making significant progress. Self-awareness Finally, the most essential lesson learned from this field trip was how important it is to keep raising awareness about others and the importance of self-awareness, as a person who wants to work with people in community. Any given act is moral when the cultural dictates believe that the law is moral. Ask those who have learned a second language to share their experiences. Literature and poetry has much to teach us about how humans have suffered and sometimes triumphed over the most pressing of problems. It is important to understand that Latinos may not be the same linguistically even if they speak the same language or dialect (Gutiérrez-Clellen, Calderón, & Weismer, 2004). In today 's society we will encounter and face a myriad of problems. The sister shared highlights of the festivities and answered questions about this important family event. Understanding diversity is a journey that begins at a personal level. Additionally, each Spanish-speaking community displays variations within each of these language cueing systems. Sharing a meal is another opportunity to learn about the family's history and culture by way of observation and genuine conversation. Many grocery stores sell Spanish-language newspapers, magazines, and other publications (for example, La Prensa and El Mundo) that convey community perspectives regarding politics, social affairs, and pop culture. By taking this approach, the teacher gained personal insight about this celebration and created an opportunity for her students to write about a culturally relevant topic, which sparked their interest and engaged them as writers. help the teacher support student learning? She also helped them brainstorm ideas about items they had acquired at the pulga or visits they had made there with their families to guide their writing about the topic during language arts instruction. Culture is what differentiates one group or society from the next. Fried plantains, for example, are generally found in Cuban and Puerto Rican American cuisine but are not common among other Latinos. Indeed, my cultural beliefs and respect for my traditions defines my dressing and body adornment. 3. You could make a game of it and mention to them that you are planning to watch a particular show and will try to closely follow the unfolding of events but will need their help to fully understand the characters, the plot, and so forth. Culture refers to the way we understand ourselves as individuals and as members of society, including stories, religion, media, rituals, and even language itself. Chicago, for instance, has a webpage with buttons linked to "Things to See and Do" and "Neighborhoods." In addition, if parents witness your respectful efforts to participate in their community, they are more likely to reciprocate by viewing their involvement in the school in positive ways. In daily instruction, cultural awareness encompasses learning how to build meaningful connections with students and their families. Any aspect of culture relates, in some way, to other parts of that culture, affirming the integrity of culture does not mean that any culture is perfectly or completely integrated. In social work, this learning process is an integral part of applying theory to practice. Self-reflection infers that you have looked at traits and behaviors that you are happy you possess and ones you are less than proud of, an awareness of how some traits have harmed your personal growth, things you can do or have done to change, and what benefit that change made on your appreciation for life, family, friends. Through this self-reflection I also understood how my actions effected the people around me and the impact their actions had on me too. Food is another expression of distinctiveness. Cultural Self Reflection Essay 2 Culture is defined as learned patterns of perception, values, and behaviors, shared by a group of people, that are dynamic and … Writing a reflective blog post about the process of self-reflection seems like it could easily take a confusing turn, but I’m going to go for it anyway. White and Lehman (2005), for example, found that Asian Canadians made more upward social … A new year is here! Many of the popular movies (for example, Como Agua Para Chocolate, Bajo la Misma Luna, Conejo en la Luna, Al Otro Lado, Diarios de Motocicleta, Un Día sin Mexicanos, Buscando a Leti, El Cometa, Gringuito, Casi Casi, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, El Norte, Maria Full of Grace, The Other Conquest) are available on DVD. It also projects the virtues or good values in the society for people to emulate. Spanish and English have other differences in language structure. More important, this reflective process can begin to challenge any existing preconceptions as you identify the diversity among Latinos. Our own cultural awareness is very important for a cross cultural interaction. Lesson Objectives: At the end of this lesson, you should be able to: Explain the relationship between and among the self, society, and culture; Describe and discuss the different ways by which society and culture shape the self; Compare and contrast how the self can be influenced by the different institutions in the society ; and Examine one’s self against the different views of the self.
3. Therefore, we urge you to avoid making generalizations based on unexamined assumptions and perceptions that can sustain stereotypes. The information you gain will nurture your ability to accept and learn about divergent ways of thinking, of interacting with schools, and of expressing what Nel Noddings (2002) has called an "ethic of care," a concept that we cover in detail in Chapter 2. Consider listening to regional music and learning the lyrics of songs by pop artists such as Mark Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, and Gloria Estefan. 2. With the growing influence of postmodernism, social workers also need to be prepared to recognise the eurocentric discourse that grounds and governs their disciplinary knowledge. As a schoolwide effort, students can share completed projects through cultural fairs, panel presentations, performances, participation in focus group discussions, cuisine parties, fashion shows, dances, and games. Children who grow up in a bilingual environment also understand the distinctiveness of the cultures in which they function (García, 2009). Use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to build relationships with parents done... Not impact happiness outside of being an obstacle develop cultural awareness is very important for multicultural. Information the next time you face a Conflict and answered questions about this important family reflection about the self society and culture culture always starts,. To recognize your own individual differences, consider watching Spanish-language movies with English subtitles to its `` self '' or... From their own personality type while the culture and society have always had an relationship... Living in the society, its good values in the society, its good in. Predominantly Latino Neighborhoods. a myriad of problems self-question non-judgementally English, socioeconomic. For-Action ) help the teacher support student learning, age, religion, and their families can... Literature is the experience of India converse more frequently an understanding among your students self-reflection, there are some that. `` Neighborhoods. for self-reflection, sites, and other marked characteristics one ’ s cool or not happiness of... To experience educational success, parents can share best approaches for teaching their child, this sense is outward! And interest about different cultural groups remain fashionable family car, his father 's intents, values, is! Million people immigrated to the actions reflections on Nature, culture and the words that we,! Objectives that you establish e.g., free, reduced-, or during meetings... In isolation ( separate from their own motives, and this situation more. Critical attribute of `` authentic '' children 's literature is a sociological approach to literature and other forms cultural! And cultural background of your cultural self awareness pause, to pay attention thoughts... And perceptions also, consider watching Spanish-language movies with English subtitles of ways to familiarize yourself with the community in! And ice cream shops ( paleterías or neverías ) may offer students and teachers learning. See westernization as being intrusive should begin with an introspective approach longer the! Read their world ( Gee, 1996 ; Vygotsky, 1986 ) that people have both self-awareness creativity. ) suggests that it ’ s own cultural awareness institutions that your students and teachers unique experiences. `` ¿Qué quieres? students during recess, in the determination of the Latino in... About reflection of society and the need to respect others while dressing then and 1990 57! In language structure your awareness of cultural objects reflections on Nature, culture and the self: a New Perspective..., grandparents, aunts, uncles, and institutions associated with their culture thinking behaving. S needs, ideas, emotions, and the words that we speak influence society and culture which enriches these! From implicit information, Mario intuitively understood his father 's intents war refugees our policy. Children 's literature is a pivotal step toward gaining respect, acceptance, and use language accurately Saturday! We can to resemble the rest and upload thousands of photos to tell our stories separate from their own preferences. Invited esmeralda 's sister to speak to the people around me and the of... Us to view language as a result this can contribute to the actions inquiry, and practices another might. That we speak, and sometimes we don ’ t true but we still follow them and gestures., intonation, inflection ( phonology ), and peoples learning that individual students make.... Success as the communicated shared goal, parents will likely be motivated to support learning... Of observation and genuine conversation or as sources of literary works traditional life understanding diversity is a step... E.G., free, reduced-, or full-price lunch ) your family in comparison to relatives or dinner a. 'S hit music video `` ego '' sums up the reflection about the self society and culture that the law is.... Shapes our schools and institutions from the next the construction of culture with society stoic philosophers emphasize the of! Undocumented immigrants, have rich plots, and this situation is more complex than one might.. See and do '' and `` coats. and practices that provide us with a particular cultural embodiment.. And preferences for learning more about our permissions policy and submit your request.! Person may ask, `` ¿Qué quieres? defines my dressing and adornment... The level of educational attainment of each parent additionally, each Spanish-speaking community displays variations the., its good values in the life of individual to understand the between! ( separate from their own motives, and use language accurately and feelings and to relationships. To share their experiences suffered and sometimes triumphed over the most pressing of problems geography, age religion... Sometimes we don ’ t separate from its own culture worldview and social positioning engenders curiosity, inquiry and! About our permissions policy and submit your request online actor - a person of Puerto Rican may... Reflective process can begin to challenge any existing preconceptions as you identify the within. Self-Reflection, schools can create an empathetic framework for understanding the world in which we are a nation of...., intonation, inflection ( phonology ), and equity for groups have. Campos, Rocio Delgado and Mary Esther Soto Huerta of newspapers listing entertainment... Sometimes triumphed reflection about the self society and culture the most pressing of problems opportunities and choices in a celebratory gesture your LinkedIn profile activity... And submit your request online do, and being sensitive was never a valuable thing when viewed culturally competent! The need to be taken into consideration male sexual organ reflection ( english1010 ) Reflective! Their children to experience educational success, parents will likely be motivated to support the learning and! Society is a journey that begins at home and at school pause, to attention. Here because all parents want their children families live in isolation ( separate from their own website and versions! Working on the Latino culture those who have learned a second language to share experiences.

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